"What If You Could Take "Your" Dog And Get Him To Do Whatever You Want Him To Do When You Want, In Minutes Per Day? You Would Do It Wouldn't You? Well Get Started Now!"

Finally! I Am Able To Join Together With You To Help You Produce The Dog You Have Always Wanted Without Expensive And Time Consuming Home Training Sessions!


How much does a professional dog trainer cost to hire?


Hundreds of dollars over many months.

Not Here!

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

My name is Jason Montag and I am proud to announce my Brand New "Dog Obedience Training" Program! This program was feverishly created with "your needs in mind" from the onset...

You see, I have been able to help out friends and family with their dogs but until recently have not been able to get my information out to the general public!

I Know very much how important a well trained dog is to myself and my family and can only assume it is the same for you...

The problem is that it costs a massive amount of money to have a personal dog trainer come out to your house and help you work with your dog or puppy! Most successful dog training companies are booked up completely and can therefore charge an arm and a leg for their highly sought after skills... Plus, it does not just take one expensive visit for them to get your dog to where you want them to be, it takes multiple expensive visits over many weeks. The trainers are booked up since there are tons more dog owners with misbehaving dogs than there are qualified dog trainers out there... right?

Well, I paid out a lot of money for a dog trainer many years ago and I found that I could become an effective dog trainer buy taking what I learned and tweaking it to fit my style and needs. You too can become an effective trainer and no longer have to depend on others to get you by.

I have compiled all that I have learned into an easy step by step manual to provide you with the best tool if you are serious about having a Well Behaved Puppy or Adult Dog!

Thank you for the book. I am enjoying it immensely and can
see where it will be very helpful. You have some wonderful advice and useful tips. I will be happy to recommend it to everyone I know that will be getting a new dog. -- Judy M

You don't need to spend tons of time each day boring yourself and your dog to tears trying to make them make sense of what you are saying. I have done the practice and the research and will give you the short and sweet of what you need. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and stay on top of your work and that is it!

A "Secret Technique" that Professional Dog Trainers use is common sense. They only use the basics they understand and make them look more complex and intuitive!

Although many professional dog trainers do have some wonderful insight into the dog's mind it is not necessary to do what they have done and spend hours and hours reading and studying the dog brain to figure out how to get them to do what you want them to do. Just take the EASY concepts and EASY techniques and put them to work for you!!

Thousands of people just like you and me have used this program to turn their out of control puppy into the dream pet that the neighbors will be jealous of. Have you ever seen a person walk a dog off of the leash? It is impressive huh? Sure it is, that person has the confidence to let their dog have complete control of what they want to do at any given time. Do we recommend this technique, No, but if you could treat your dog this way imagine how easily you can control them on the leash.

Why would anyone accept an out of control dog when they do not have to? I don't know!

Just think about that for a minute... I am serious, look ahead one year from now when your dog is full grown and five times the size they are now. The jumping up on you and running away is no longer a joke. Would it not have been easier to control them at the small size they are now? You bet it would be. Don't let it get that far. Do not be the person your friends talk about behind your back.

This e-book my friend is the MOST Value you are going to find on the internet hands down.

Is that Powerful or what?

Click here to get your copy instantly!

My 120 pound Rottweiler would storm out of the front door quick as lightning. But after using the dog training techniques in your downloadable book, "Doggy Be Good", my dog will now sit and wait until I release him to go out.  Money very well spent. I'm convinced that you are the best dog trainers around!  Thank you -- Gary, Apopka, FL

Look, rarely do you find anyone in this world that will tell you the truth about anything, especially when they can make a ton of money off of you. I am that person who is telling you that having a well behaved puppy is well within your grasp without spending thousands on a personal in-home dog trainer so go ahead and JUMP on board... before it is TOO LATE!

Honestly, if I was you... and found this program... I would be on top of it in a minute since when I was trying to learn what you want to learn the internet was not around. I'm serious. I would have already scrolled down to the "buy" link and gotten my copy! I would not have even ended up reading this far down in the letter. I know what kind of benefit this program is and what the other options are so there is no question that it is the right thing to do!

What is the best part, it is 100% guaranteed to satisfy you!!

What's the catch?

The first catch is that you will end up being the envy of your friends who have misbehaved dogs. The second catch is that you will not have to stress about whether you can trust your dog to be alone. The third catch is that you will have an improved relationship with your older dog and build a strong relationship with your new puppy.

Those are catches that I can live with.

What do other satisfied customers have to say about my program?

My dog Jocco is doing unbelievably well! My father said that I had one week to get the dog housebroken or it was going to the pound. I was not letting my first dog go to die. That was two months ago and me and Jocco are still buddies. I feel like a professional dog trainer. I owe you a big one, thanks. -- Raphael, Albuquerque, NM
House training a dog is no sweat. My dog could never grasp potty training. Now I know it was my fault not hers. If it wasn't for your book I would have never known. John, Raleigh, NC
I have no use for the painful dog training collar that I used to use. My voice is all I need... Ed, San Francisco, CA

No Postage! No Waiting! Instant Gratification!

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